"A Little Bit of Light" - SteVen D. LightSpring
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        "If Light is
      in your heart,
    You will find
    your way home."

         --  Rumi

      Just so you know...

     No less than HALF of the audio
   tracks from the above album may
    be listened to AT FULL LENGTH...
    at different locations throughout
    this site.
It's my way of sharing little
     "nuggets" here and there that I hope
               will "de-Light" someone...




                                  Coming                      Soon...                                                               APRIL     2019



     glad to...




Have You...

Join our...




                  A Full Photo Music Video
                  of this long-awaited song,

             "Love is What Gives Wings"
    from the newly-released
                "Love Wings" album

                                           Coming  . . .        July    2019

             Now finally...
        A full decade Later...

           Surprising Stories in   Songs
            from   when I began     to be a
        CATCHER  OF THE DREAM!    
Starting with...
  " Tiny Little Teacher "
 (My first "Master" was a kitten!)

  To be released in combination with a book                     that tells in much more intriguing detail...
 the amazing stories BEHIND the "story songs"!

     " Tiny Little Teacher "
                     that starts with...
he time had come for me
To travel far and wide
So I could start to share
This hope that I have so deep inside
With each heart as I go


So with a pocket full of poems
And a heart that was now on fire
And songs to sing I'd hope would somehow Take some hearts up higher
As I shared my heart and soul...

I headed out to points beyond
My deepest, natural fear
From a head that had its doubts
But I still knew my heart was clear
That I just had to go and share...


My heart that had caught on fire
And was glowin', beamin' bright
With a deep and peaceful joy
Full of lovin' golden light
I'd burst if I didn't beam it everywhere.

             beginning of vs. 2

As I headed out, I hoped that
Doors would open everywhere

And sure enough they did, but
They were mostly there...
Deep inside--inside of me!

(Amazing things would happen
Then all along the way...)

    (c) copyright 2019 Delightspring, Int'l


@ Copyright 2018, 2019  Delightspring, Int'l
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