A Note About
My Intuitive

                            Although if you're looking for a "fortune teller", 
                                   or someone who reads your "future", 
                                    you would need to look elsewhere...

I can often "read" much about your energy, and flow of life...and where your energy and focus may be taking
you (and where it may lead), but, for me, it's all about offering hope and chances for changing your course,
(or "staying the course" with a bit more in-courage-meant!) and hopefully making your life better in some
This most often comes about by making our inner focus more in tune with our deepest heart-and-soul
part of us which is often whispering to us with instinctive wisdom we have, but aren't picking up on!


That's where I hope to come in.  Maybe provide a nudge or two (or ten?) here and there that may help you
see and hear a bit more from your heart-and-soul. We all could use a "wing lift" & "heart hug" sometimes
to help us find our own inner "wings".  That's why I provide my services.  I know some days I could sure
use "a good word", and I find it deeply satisfying when something" comes through" in a session that may
surprise both of us, but seems to make a world of difference for you. That's why I do my best to "stay
tuned". intuitively, and be open for whatever might happen to be a much-needed "wing-lift" for you!


Through being aware of the 7-year Soul Cycles (I've taught workshops on this, and am working on my
book.), or even with my uniquely heart-centered "
Paw Ministry" readings (Palmistry), or my most unique,
deep-soul-toning ("
Sound Energy Renewal") "Eagle Sky View" readings, I do my very "blessed" to provide
insight that I hope will make a difference for you at the deepest level, and provide renewed layers of
deeper awareness, and maybe even be a most helpful turning point in your life.   

My Services



is in your hands.

"Paw             Ministry"


        Please see below for some highlights and discussion of each type of intuitive consulting...

  As I was preparing the booking categories, I was suddenly given this rather evocative title
for something I've never offered in this way, although I've often done similar things over
the years with "intuitive writing" where I was suddenly given messages...often to total strangers...that I typed as letters, and often heard back that it came at a life-changing (and once or twice possibly a "life-saving") moment for them.

 However, this time, it feels like it will somehow
blend with the "divination" tools that I've been
given to develop. I know it ties in with the Mayan
"Twenty Counts", and in my case it seems that...
 because I'll be developing  this as I go..blending
 intuitive writing...with a unique divination that is
 yet to be released (and I'm encouraged not to
 share specifically yet) this may possibly be the most "edgy" readings that I'll do, and the recipient will need to be a bit patient at times, but yet ready for something that may feel at times like "writing down the rapids!"!



 This one will be an exquisite cross-blending of some of the "Sound Energy Renewal" sessions
I do (both privately and as an in-home-concerts for small groups) and various "sky views" of my
inner "eagle" that sometimes comes through with special insights in the midst of the "toning"
and soul-singing. 

This will be something new for me to offer in this format, but it feels "right" as I'm being deeply nudged to offer it, so I am. This one  likely requires more energy from me than any
of the others so I do require a little more in terms of reimbursement, but it feels right to
do so. Thank you for your understanding. 

The "tones" that I will soul-sing for you will be like a private "concert" for your body & soul that
will be inspired "in the moment" based on the 
energy I receive from our connection...and I hope you will feel shifts in your energy and awareness that will be uplifting and encouraging for you!



    June   2018


    MAY   2018

 However,  Please know that this does not make
this type of a reading "just practicing" any more
than other types are. All readings, are by nature,
"experimental" because, at best, it's about creating a special kind of in-the-moment "magic" together. So, in a way, whoever participates with me in this,
 will be part of an innovative method of intuitive consulting that had never been done before, but
promises to be an exquisitely synergistic blend of deep-soul-writing & divination tool development.



   Understand this most fascinating language of your soul       as it goes through its 7-year cycles of shifting awareness     and passions and sense of purpose and fulfillment.

   Perceive how this may affect your life decisions 
   and reactions to happenings in your life.  

   See where other key people in your life are at and how         their soul language may be affecting their motivations         and decisions.  

7-Year                Cycles of the Soul

This is all based on the understanding, based on the 7 Chakras (the body's
endocrine glandular "energy" system), of how our soul tends to shift its focus 
as we rotate through these Cycles.  I've had the privilege of directing workshops
on this, and am preparing for the publishing of my book on this next year.

   Know  the  Language
        of  Your  Soul

           "We are stars
      wrapped in skin.

       T H E   L I G H T
     you are seeking
     has always been

          W I T H I N ."

             -- Rumi

        Favorite Quote:

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