A Note About
My Intuitive

                            Although if you're looking for a "fortune teller", 
                                   or someone who reads your "future", 
                                    you would need to look elsewhere...

I can often "read" much about your energy, and flow of life...and where your energy and focus may be taking
you (and where it may lead), but, for me, it's all about offering hope and chances for changing your course,
(or "staying the course" with a bit more in-courage-meant!) and hopefully making your life better in some
This most often comes about by making our inner focus more in tune with our deepest heart-and-soul
part of us which is often whispering to us with instinctive wisdom we have, but aren't picking up on!


That's where I hope to come in.  Maybe provide a nudge or two (or ten?) here and there that may help you
see and hear a bit more from your heart-and-soul. We all could use a "wing lift" & "heart hug" sometimes
to help us find our own inner "wings".  That's why I provide my services.  I know some days I could sure
use "a good word", and I find it deeply satisfying when something" comes through" in a session that may
surprise both of us, but seems to make a world of difference for you. That's why I do my best to "stay
tuned". intuitively, and be open for whatever might happen to be a much-needed "wing-lift" for you!


Through being aware of the 7-year Soul Cycles (I've taught workshops on this, and am working on my
book.), or even with my uniquely heart-centered "
Paw Ministry" readings (Palmistry), or my most unique,
deep-soul-toning ("
Sound Energy Renewal") "Eagle Sky View" readings, I do my very "blessed" to provide
insight that I hope will make a difference for you at the deepest level, and provide renewed layers of
deeper awareness, and maybe even be a most helpful turning point in your life.