Nov. 2017  "On the Road"
Nachez Trace Nat'l Park, TN

Aug.  2017  A "magical" moment--Singing
at Sunrise for Breakfast-bound Passersby
(One of the dozen or so who stayed around
to listen took this photo.) 
"At a Spirit-Renewing Retreat" Boone, NC

Nov. 2017  Spending quality time with my
long-time fan, heartfelt cheer-leader and
 "Soul Mama" in Dallas, TX

Nov. 2017  "On the Road"
traveling in my "vintage
van" (a.k.a frugal travel
hotel / restaurant) in
Nashville, TN (Stopping
for nourishing supplies)

Aug.  2017  Relaxing moments
(at the "spirit-renewing
retreat" vacation
gifted me by a
dear friend....)
 in Boone, NC

Please note: The open road
photos with RV's are stock
photos that represent my
"dream" to travel in some 
level of comfort and greater
healthy-eating and sleeping
"on the road".  Thank you "beyond words" to each of you
who believe in what I do....for
your ongoing blessing-thoughts, prayers and gracious support & for envisioning this with me!

Fall 2015  "Beamin' my High Beam"
Singing my heart out at home in NC.

 June 2015 The Release of
   this "labor of love" has had
   more top-requested songs
     than any other album.
     You can listen to some
             samples here.

Oct 2011 The first
of the "Poetic Bliss"
series of books were
released.  The highlights
from the first four are 
still available in the 
compilation volume,
"Delight Beams." You
can find out more 
about these writings

Dec.  2015 The Launch of
my Podcast Radio show.
(with WKNO, Cleveland)
On hold for now till we 
have more support, but
not sure I've ever had 
more fun creating any-
thing in my life.  Looking
forward to continuing!
(You can hear archives
on my YouTube channel.)

  Less than $100

                                 What I Hope to Do Next....
ow that I've finished the first album of my 10th  Anniversary 
"Love Wings" (scroll down for audio samples player) :

Go ahead and continue working on and releasing the SECOND album,
"Chorus of Creation"[Messages for the Heart from the Heart of Nature"],
  and do so at a higher level of  production (with better equipment and                        collaboration) with better funding (see fundraising assistance opportunity 
  to the left).

  Once that's done, I hope to focus on releasing my SEVENTH  volume of
"Poetic Bliss", "Love's Calling", 
hopefully, by this summer...and be able
  to publish "HARD copies" of it...along  with re-publishing 2 of the first
 6 volumes this year...and at  least 2 more next  year ("HARD Copy"
 Publishing always costs quite a bit more  than e-Book versions.)

 *Annnnnd... just as importantly, I'd really like to travel more 
  than ever  this year...doing so more the funds are
  provided ...and joy-fully promote BOTH of my 10th Anniversary
 DOUBLE ALBUM RELEASE  Celebration albums--AND the 
 SEVENTH volume of "Poetic Bliss"!      



















              Feel free to read through...
     My Heart-Sharing Hopes:
                          PART 1 "What I Hope"...
  PART 2  What I hope WE can do...(BELOW)
 Or read more about the "Big Picture", my purpose,the industry, and my hopes HERE.




     Campaign Started
     April 20, 2018...

  By May 31, 2018   

  Raised so far... 

  Campaign Goal :


      by May 31, 2018...

"Wow Steven, that was a wonderful lift! What a fabulous song,   thank  you so much for the link! and yes, "the Sun still Shines", and   after listening to your song all my winter blues just faded away!   Please feel free to use any of my words that I've shared with you..   that would be such an absolute pleasure.

"As always your music, your light-hearted-ness, your uplifting-ness    (Is there such a word? haha) touches me and others, and                    sometimes even without knowing how or why, hearts lighten, and      souls remember who they really are..Bless you... love, Maggie"

    -- Maggie of the amazing "777LoveisAll" YouTube Channel

"I've been so very blessed with so much encouraging feedback from
  so many beautiful people...                 Here are just a few heartfelt,   gracious words from some                    very dear fans & supporters!

"Thank you for the link to your song.. the words just seem to flow        through you, effortlessly, joyfully, lovingly, truthfully and                      touchingly...straight to our core..Blessings to you and your music      partner..and in all that you do..peace and love, Maggie"

        -- Maggie of the amazing "777LoveisAll" YouTube Channel

Studio & Audio / Video Upgrades

Collaboration Travel & Reimbursement

Production & Reproduction Upgrades

Travel & Promotion Expenses


    How You Can Make a Difference....
Upgrading Home Studio Equipment &
         Acquiring a portable "amp" system.
    Acquiring video equipment...for beginning to make
    properly-produced "live" music  &  other performance
    videos for YouTube--and beyond!
   Inviting Collaboration (for which I'll
   be able to at least modestly reimburse other musicians )
   so I can...


   Produce this next album at a whole 'nother level of
   quality of sound...both in performance and in
   recording! (as pleased as I am with the album 

    just finished, I know it could be  improved quite some modest improvements,

    and plan to do so--with your help!)


    The target amount  for the funding...
$6000 total--a fraction of what most musicians
    require to take care of expenses for an album...
    because of 100's of $ per hour of "pro" studio time
    with studio musicians and / or collaboration travel
    expenses and such.  Of course, I'd love to do that
    sometime as well, but right now we're reaching for
    a good solid noticeable improvement...with equally
    solid funding. It's amazing what can be done--even
    with medium improvements, and do so look forward
    to showing what all I was able to do in this next album
     and following up with my supporters here and in
     in my "inner circle" emails.)

    I plan to use the rest of the funding for basic travel
     expenses (mostly fuel, some lodging) to promote the 
     two albums and the new volume of "poetic bliss" I
     mentioned above....and see how far I can beam
     around what I "just know" I'm here to beam!
     Annnnd... thanks to your help...I have a feeling
                          WE CAN DO THIS!


     And even though the amount is smaller, I feel that 
    this is all I need to "get me going" and, hopefully,
    with sales and bookings picking up as I go, it  will
    be enough to keep me going from there. 

                                   *    *    *
    SO many ways!  All of your "votes" count!
    Cash funding is essential, of course, but...
    COMMENTING on my YOU TUBE Channel.
   EVERY  EMAIL LIST SIGN-UP helps! Of course,
   counts--"big". For "Intuitive Consulting", for "Sound
Energy Renewal "sessions, for "Home Concerts" and  other
   small venues. [I love the intimacy and "connection" 
   creating some "magic" in the moment with smaller groups!] 

   And all of those BLESSED-WISHES, THOUGHTS,
  and PRAYERS count! Every one!  Thank you so much
  for whatever way you may choose to lift these wings that
  are so very ready to fly...and beam "de-Light" around!






"A Little Bit of Light" - SteVen D. LightSpring
00:00 / 00:00

Fan      Club

Fan      Club

      Just so you know...

     No less than HALF of the audio
   tracks from the above album may
    be listened to AT FULL LENGTH...
    at different locations throughout
    this site.
It's my way of sharing little
     "nuggets" here and there that I hope
               will "de-Light" someone...


"Steven D LightSpring is an inspiring man of emotional integrity with an uplifting wit and keen eye for seeing the best in every person. His poetry, songs and writing reflect a loving insight into what is best in all of us and bring us to a place within that is more expansive than before. He is an adept communicator and facilitator. I highly recommend him."
           -- River K. Benson, Owner, Producer at JoyWorks, LLC

        "If Light is
      in your heart,
    You will find
    your way home."

         --  Rumi

"Great vibrations!

"I was moved to my core, listening to Steven just reading a poem he had written, and strumming his guitar. I was literally vibrating in my chair with emotion, and felt like crying out with joy, but did not even want to breath or make a sound or take my eyes off of him lest I miss one note or word. Even now as I sit here typing this review and remembering how amazing that experience was, I am overcome with ecstasy and am finding it hard to type. The song he sang next maintained that high, and I expected that to be the end, but a little later an offering was collected, and unbeknownst to me, the minister had arranged for Steven to also sing a song he had written about giving, which was so appropriate and inspiring. I am looking forward to hiring Steven for other special worship occasions. The minister was so thankful I had found him, and has already booked him for another worship service."
     -- DahVeed Montane, Manager, Lotus Mt. Retreat, Bolton, VT


         "Flight Master Steven, Such a whimsical, encouraging song!
             Love your   creativity! Soar SteVen, soar!" 
     -- Judith Cartier, Shamanic Visionary & Energy Healer 
    Long-time fan and "Anam Cara" (soul friend), in response to my
 "Come and Fly With Me" YouTube Channel Invitation Photo-Music Video

Kelly Willowgreen RN

"If you have not been blessed by S t e V e n ‘ s  music yet, your soul is in for a treat.

His creativity, the timbre of his deep voice and the soulful loving energy he puts into
each piece is an honor to witness.  Sometimes the sound of his voice melts me to my
core and even has triggered deep tears of gratitude. At times, his musical genius let’s
me imagine what heaven must sound like.

A Wise man once said “to know Steven, is to know love”, I agree 100%. Everything that
Steven does is with the intention of bringing more love to the planet and each person
that he connects with.

His intuitive and healing abilities comes through in his music.  Now, if you listen very
carefully you will-sometimes also glimpse this master punster has a joyful, intelligent,
playful sense of humor. 

If you desire to have more love in your life and to love yourself more...

If you need your chakras tuned or any healing tones, if you just want to bliss out on
high vibration tones and blessings, you have arrived!


Listen and receive the gifts that await you. 


SteVen D. LightSpring

    "I'm 'beyond words' grateful for Kelly's most heartfelt endorsement.
      When I mentioned to her that some might feel that her "rave" was 
      a bit "over the top", she seemed surprised.  She then assured me
      of what I already knew...that she merely spoke her deepest truth,
      and there's nothing "over the top" about that.  More like, "from the
      bottom"! ...of her dear heart which I know to be a beautiful place,
      and I'm deeply honored that she has granted her most sincere
      blessings in this way. 

    "She even insisted that she read the above words for me and provide
      it in audio format so anyone could hear the depth of meaning she put
      in her words.  I was not able to upload that here, due to some "tech"
      issues, but you can hear her loud and clear in the "fan rave" section
      of a promotional video featuring her most gracious words."  I'll go 
      ahead and share that here for those of you who are interested..."
     (You'll need to go to the 6:00 mark in the video...for her less than
     2 min. audio "rave". It's probably not so special to anyone else, but
      I'm pretty sure you can see why this meant a lot to me!)



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