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           Gliding on Oxygen

Yesss!  For this, our SIXTH music album of those amazing "gliding" vocal synth tones...We managed to combine it with one of our other most popular tones... "the frequency of oxygen"!  It took some very special (never used before) tuning...and careful tweaking to get it just right... but from the sound of things... it's definitely a winner!

We hope you you go sailing off to dreamland...maybe more easily than ever...with this truly one-of-a-kind recording!  (Sure, most of our other "gliding" vocal sound albums are for deep relaxation and rest. [One's even called, "Gliding Light, DREAMLANDS"] And one's a more upbeat, energizing album...[ "Inner Dawning at Dawn" ] which is quite soothing in its own way. But, to us, this one feels more expansive and uplifting than anything we've made...and we hope you'll listen, go for a glad "glide" and agree!  

And, yes, the oxygen tone being an integral part of this carefully-designed recording might just make your rest all the more refreshing, and your sleep all the more satisfying. We sure hope so. That's what we had in mind when we recorded it!

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 while back...
100 min.*
*More than twice
    as much as 
   most albums!
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          Morning Glory Wings*

Now finally... We have another inner-gizing music-focused album. A real "GEM",
we hope.  It does certainly seem to be full of...
 "Gently-Energizing Music"!

A more intricately-"orchestrated" fare here than anything we've created so far.
"Slightly Classic", it says.  We hope you find it to be an instant "classic" in your own heart, mind and memory. Rich string ensembles support in so many ways here, from gently hovering to energetically soaring. We were quite surprised at how it all came together.
Our favorite Bulgarian piccolo and pan flute among other flutes take the lead quite often here. The choir sounds blend in refreshingly, and seem to bring
fresh air at every turn...some turns quite extraordinarily.

Our favorite (now featured on no less than SIX albums--4 of them "sleep" music albums) vocal synth "glide" vocals are back on the fifth track along with some flutes, guitar, chimes--even the sound of a slightly-playful bassoon. Our favorite here may be the seventh one, "Circling Heart Home", that won us over with the repeat appearance of the Bulgarian piccolo doing its beautiful best interwoven with so many other intricate and delicate sounds. The final one, "Finale for a Peaceful Flight", was an instant favorite back when we made plans for it to be an "overture" piece on the "flights of fancy" album...which has since been dissolved into enriching this one.--here, as a "finale" to what we hope is a "glorious" flight for your senses. So much of this album defies our powers of description.  We just hope that you find it most intriguing... compelling... and hopefully as uplifting as the thoughts and feelings we had as we created it.

        As another "music in special keyz" album, it's also a splendid
collection of sounds in soothing and inner-gizing keyz. The first 4 are in the key of the thymus gland, the body's immune "power house".
The fifth and seventh tracks are in our favorite "key" and is the "tuning" for the whole album, our own top-choice for body and soul, the most uplifting, 444 Hz. The 6th and 8th tracks round this collection out with our go-to "keyz" for restoration of body and soul, and that is the ever-popular 528 Hz, also known as "the love frequency" and also known to be helpful for DNA repair.

Of course, as always, we don't make any claims, and barely even make
suggestions. But we will mention some of these assumed-by-many
benefits here and there, just for your FYI. But we rarely mention many
specific benefits, and usually prefer to just mention more general 
hoped-for benefits of certain frequencies, "keyz", tunings and tones.  
Whatever the case, whatever your level of interest or intrigue in such
things, we mostly hope that you'll find this music uplifting for you, and
notice maybe some extra qualities that may be subtle, but might just
make a notable difference in your life in the "way good vibes" depart-
ment--something that we happen to specialize in, and hope to keep
creating much more!  35 albums here now, and we feel like we're just
getting warmed up"!  Thanks so much for joining us here in "Inner Eagle Skies"!  We hope your inner flights are all the more satisfying
and full of much peace, joy, wholeness and well-being...because of what you hear here!



Aug 2 ~ 8! 

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"Hope Strings     Eternal"
  "Finale for a Peaceful Flight"




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