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    We hope to feature a regular rotation of                                written, audio and video forms of "poetic soul" here
    that we hope you'll find meaningful and uplifting.

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   We have SO much to share (from this past decade) and
   SO much more ON THE WAY!  
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 of Poetic Music

"The Heart of an Eagle--in You"
         (Spoken Word, Music Blend)

 Coming soon...

           A place to share  some of
        SteVen D. LightSpring's 
         books and other writings...

Including the SIX VOLUMES of "Poetic Bliss"...
      (To be re-published...As funds are provided...)

1. "Splashing Through My Heart"
2. "Forever Endeavor of Love"
3.  "Ripples of Reflection"
4. "Journey From Forever"
5. "Calling All Eagles!"
6. "Born for the Skies"
7. "Delight Beams"
   (Highlights from Vols. 1 ~ 4)
8. "Love's Calling"

        The definitive book on...
"The 7 Year Cycles of the Soul"

    (Planned for Next Year, 2021)

@ Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020  Delightspring, Int'l


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Disclaimer : Please know that we create and provide these "sound" resources and what we consider to be "tools" for well-being without any claims being made.  They are merely offered here as possible tools for improvement in well-being for body, mind and spirit, yet may or may not have any specific benefit for those who make use of them.  Whatever benefits or discomfort may arise from their use, it is the responsibility of the user/listener to use them carefully and intuitively, listening to their own body and energies as to what or how much of any of them to blend into their already thoughtful lifestyle of many healthy choices for diet, rest,  exercise, and any other regimens or supplementation of nutrients, meditation, mindfulness, prayer or any other inner awareness-increasing practices....and any respected input from health care professionals and other counselors and advisors who are there to assist in care for your body, mind, heart an' soul, and spirit.

Please see our "sound energy renewal" page for more cautions, suggestions and other discussion of our background, approach and working with sound and specific tones / frequencies and blends of them with hopes for some soothing and/or energizing effect. Again,
though no claims are made, we do have hopes that many who work with them will experience some of the soothing and energizing 
effects that we have experienced with our ongoing explorations with them...however subjective or "placebo"-oriented they may be. 
(Speaking of "placebo" effect, or "the power of suggestion"...you will notice that, if anything, we tend to minimize the expression of the hopeful impact of working with these sounds.  We use some of the same frequencies that are increasingly popular "out there" with many making some extraordinary claims.  We prefer to understate  the possibilities...and let your own body and energy systems decide for themselves 
as to what is most beneficial to you, and so, most of all...as always... we encourage you to "just listen" to your body and energies...and let them decide what is best for you.  We wish you "All the Blessed" of Well-Being...in EVERY Way!