We call this one, "Meditation at Midnight", a soothing "synth" meditatvie (over 13 min.) piece that we liked so much that we re-recorded it in 3 very distinct versions (this one, the way-deep "swell" version) that we felt each sounded quite splendid, so we just had to share...all 3 together in one album...for less...or even to be enjoyed one song at a time.

Annnnd....you may be interested to know that this one was recorded in one of our favorite "special keyz", one that is known for boosting immune strength.  We hope you can feel the "lift".  We like to listen to it right before resting. We seem to feel extra rested afterwards.  Who knows? Maybe you'll feel a difference too!  

(As always, we never make claims. And we barely make suggestions. We just offer our audios as tools for wellbeing in hopes that you might get some soothing and/or energizing effect from them that we keep noticing...and we hope that you really enjoy them as music too!)

INNER STRENGTH (Meditation at Midnight 2, version 3, Swell Pad, Immune) 13 min +