This is a simple two-tone BI-NAURAL frequency blend that may be supportive of the eyes.  Each of the frequency blends in this "core energy" series is based on a tone that's considered to be the "key" frequency for the "solar plexus" area.  This area (close to the belly button) is considered by many to be the "core" energy of the body, the "hara" in eastern traditions such as shiatsu (a.k.a. "accupressure") and martial arts, or what might correspond to our sense of deepest "knowing" (at the "core" of our being) that we may express as a "gut feeling".  This blend may be helpful to the eyes while providing support for the "core" energy area mentioned above...which is thought to be a "tonic" for the entire body. 

Please know that we cannot be responsible for whatever results or lack of them you experience when working with the frequency blends.  Please rely on your own intuitive sense to "listen to your body", and follow whatever other health regimens and care you need to receive for body or mind. These frequency blends are never meant to be a replacement for proper care from your health-care provider. Thank you for understanding this, and as a part of your over-all plan for self-care, please enjoy using our frequency blends as a possible support
for body, mind and spirit.

Please note:  We purposefully do not give away the "recipe" for our frequency blend. We hope to be rewarded financially for our years of research so we can continue to explore and create
many more synergistic and energy-renewing frequency blends. Thank you for your support of 
our ongoing experiential research. Although our studies are not "scientific" in the strictest sense, they are very practical and intuitive as we, as much as possible, try working with them ourselves and with our friends before sharing them with the rest of the world.  Yet our research and experience is limited without meaninful input, so we welcome your feedback as to what seems to be of benefit for you.




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