This is the often-treasured collection of the most popular poetic works from
the first four volumes of the "Poetic Bliss" series. (Gleaned from the over 
400 pgs. of those volumes...into one nugget of 75 pgs., it has become
the most popular of all of the "Poetic Bliss" series, and will hopefully 
continue to be treasured by all who love a "good word" to lift the spirit
delivered in an often playful, and always meaningful way.)

  It includes some of the most-requested ones...many of which are
  recorded blended with music on albums and included in videos on
SteVen's YouTube channel...

       "Divinest View"

       "Message to My Heart"

       "Delight Beams"  

       "I Am the Love"

       "What Do I Know?"

       "Time's Eternity"

       "The Ocean of Your Being"

       "For Time Being"

       "What You Say is What You Get"

       "Under-Rated Role"

       "The Wish-'Em Well"

       (Yes, all of the above eleven are available
        in photo-lyric recordings on SteVen's
        YouTube channel.)


       ...and SEVENTEEN more!

Each are listed in the "Table of Contentment"...
(Also the title of an intriguing piece included here)
...under which of the four volumes of "poetic bliss"
they originated from...along with one never-before-
released one (before the publishing of "Delight
Beams") that we'll go ahead and share here!

Celebrating "the Light of your Spirit"...

"We hope it uplifts you, and gifts you down deep
With a hug to your heart, and a smile you can keep!"

                             "Star Quality"

It's endless, beginless, forever most free
To be at the core of us more of us be

Than we'd ever need, ever dream to unveil
All the spark of our spirit--"in here" it sets sail

As we tap it, unwrap it, unfold its true worth
To beam out its Light so it's bright, so the Earth

Is so lit up, they'll sit up, take notice of all
That's beaming out from you's become you, though small

The spark in the dark in the center of you
Still shines out the brightest, delightest, so true

To all you now call "you", you know is your core
That's always "forever", could never be more!

So now you just bow you in awe of this flame,
And honor its beauty, this duty your aim

To free you to be you, to beam who you are,
All in you most brilliant, resillient, a star!

SteVen D. LightSpring
Copyright 2012   (May 2012)

"Delight Beams" "A Collection of Favorite Rays" from the "Poetic Bliss" Series



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