Please Note: This is part of the "Tones Alone" series, and is a 30 minute recording of the featured tone blend.  If you'd prefer to listen to tones that have music blended with them, please see our music-blended tone blends.  We plan to be releasing many of them during
2018, so please "stay tuned" and "toned" for many sure-to-be-helpful music-and vocals-blended audios coming soon!

This is one of the GOLDEN TONE BLENDS series.  Each of the blends in this series are based on the actual frequency of gold, and are blended with other frequencies that may be helpful in strengthening phsycial well-being.  Yes, believe it or not, it is one of the trace minerals that are vital to our well-being. Gold's energy has long been associated with vitality and longevity, and among sound energy visionaries has been resported to assist in brain function, restful sleep and in immune support.  For this particular blend, it's been combined with the frequency that is known to be supportive of the Thymus gland which is the "headquarters" in the body for the immune system.

30 min. GOLDEN TONE BLENDS, Immune Impact



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