Music for Deep Relaxation, Refreshing Rest & Deep Sleep        

  in choir within

Some of our most soothing sounds yet!  Meant to be listened to "for refreshing rest, relaxation and meditation", these deeply mellow "voices in space" might just take you places in inner and outer space that will prove to be the most relaxing ever!  

The first track, "Timeless Space Chorale",

is in a special "key" that may help with much restoration in body and soul.  

The second track, "Heart at One with All That Is", may be especially helpful in immune-strengthening since it is in the "key" of the thymus gland, the center of the body's defense system.  

The third track, "Misty Moonlight River Flow", may be especially uplifting to body and soul since it's in one of our favorite keys that's known to do that, and many consider to be "healing", though, of course, we never make any claims.

We just provide "tools" and resources that we hope may be soothing and/or energizing...and we sure enjoy trying each one on "for size" and see what we may sense or feel.  Between creating these and sharing them...for us, the joy certainly is in the journey! We sure hope you can feel some of that too as you listen to some of our creations...from the more upbeat ones to the deeply restful ones like this!  For a full, deeply resting 72 minutes...enjoy...IN JOY! Here's to a deeply peaceful inner and outer space...  Sweet Dreams...and bon voyage!

                NEW ALBUM          CELEBRATION!



           Gliding on Oxygen

Yesss!  For this, our SIXTH music album of those amazing "gliding" vocal synth tones...We managed to combine it with one of our other most popular tones... "the frequency of oxygen"!  It took some very special (never used before) tuning...and careful tweaking to get it just right... but from the sound of things... it's definitely a winner!

We hope you you go sailing off to dreamland...maybe more easily than ever...with this truly one-of-a-kind recording!  (Sure, most of our other "gliding" vocal sound albums are for deep relaxation and rest. [One's even called, "Gliding Light, DREAMLANDS"] And one's a more upbeat, energizing album...[ "Inner Dawning at Dawn" ] which is quite soothing in its own way.  But, to us, this one feels more expansive and uplifting than anything we've made...and we hope you'll listen, go for a sweet "glide" or two...and agree!  

And, yes, the oxygen tone being an integral part of this carefully-designed recording might just make your rest all the more refreshing, and your sleep all the more satisfying. We sure hope so. That's what we had in mind when we recorded it! 

 Gliding Deep 

   Some of the most blissfully soothing sounds we think we've ever complied in this album of truly uniquely restful sounds that we hope you'll enjoy as much as we did!  We never would have thought that a "vocal synth" sound could be so deeply peaceful and stress-releasing.  There is an ongoing subtly "metallic", slightly dissonant sound that is part of the texture of this recording that it took a little bit of getting used to, but the gentleness of the harmonic blends won us over (in a big way!) we continued to work with this fascinating sound, and now it's on our top 5 go-to sounds (out of thousands of synth and other instrumental choices) for creating surprisingly-soothing and deeply relaxing tonal blends.  
You may find as we did that the subtle textures that are part of this sound seem to add to the experience in surprising ways.  One of our most popular audios on our channel has been some deeply hypnotic synth sounds that also contain a "dissonance" that so many have commented only seem to add to the richness of the listening experience.  In light doses, some layers of gentle dissonance seems to only bring out the beauty and richness of the other tones all the more, and maybe, as some would swear, helps in the stress-releasing process to better receive the beauty of the harmonics somehow. It's a mystery to us as well, as to what all really is "music to our ears", and maybe  even more so, music to our bodies...and souls.  The best we can do is... just "stay tuned"...or "toned"... and share our finest, most blissful audio treasures in this way, and hope that others enjoy them like we did.
We do hope this 70 minutes or so of "pure bliss" will be a most useful tool for finding refreshing rest and renewal for body and soul.  Some find that this music is also useful for focus and study. Most of all, as we always say...just "stay tuned" to your body...and heart and soul...and follow the deepest "good vibes" always!
 Gliding Light--Dreamlands

So here it is, another "Gliding Light" series album featuring that way-soothing "vocal synth" that we just can't get enough of, and has had a
splendid response from avid listeners and sleep-seekers alike! So here is yet another collection of exquisite blends of these, our most-favorite
"synth" always "in special keyz", these...every our favorite, always-uplifting 444 Hz tuning and in the key of immune strength
(the frequency of the thymus gland, the body's immune "powerhouse").  Annnnnd... all of this for longer-than-ever!  A full 85 minutes of these
deeply body and soul-soothing tones! We hope you'll find them to be deeply soothing and help to bring you refreshing rest when you most
need it.  It includes these all-new way-soothing tracks...


1. Gateway to Greener Pastures 14:00
2. Dreams for Sail 13:13
3. Hidden Valley Soul Dreams 17:46
4. Streams of Joyful Undertow 15:36
5. Restful Pastures for Imagination's Wandering Herds 27:27

Forest for the Trees (Thumb) 5 Frame B.j

    our first
  O x y g e n
  Music ALbum

        (from a

     while back...)

       very relaxing, yes, but...

    not necessarily "sleep" music

SITE WELCOME MSG 1SteVen D. LightSpring
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    A Hearty Welcome message 
    from Steven D. LightSpring & his oddly playful "co-hosts"--his "alter eagle", and right-hand "wise guy" / wise man, the Geeze, and his inner winner wild child and sound effects manager,  "the Tweeze" often accompany him on his "RAY-Dio ODD-Casts".




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 lightly infused with music from our  

new album, "morning glory wings"

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Gliding Deep II, The Deep Down Tonic Tones

Yes! Now even more of those deeper soothing harmonic "vocal synth" tones

that are beginning to be somewhat of a signature sound for us...with this

FIFTH album of these amazingly body-and-soul-soothing tones.  (The four

others? Gliding Deep (the original), Gliding Light--Mystique, Gliding Light--

Dreamlands,  and the "lively meditative" one, Inner Dawning at Dawn)

And with this one we have some of the extra-rich, deeper tones that may

be all the more ideal for your deep relaxation and rest time that we hope

is all the more refreshing when accompanied by these richly-harmonic tones.

Around 70 minutes of them here...should be more than plenty to "glide" you

smoothly far into the dreamiest of places within.  

The tracks are...                                                      In Special Keyz to...
1.  Oceans of Notions at Play                  23:09   (Strengthen Immune)
2.  Splashing through the Brainwaves   22:33   (Uplift, Refresh)
3.  Tunnels to Tranquility                         23:55   (Balance, Restore)

(Also, these deeper tones include much of the 111 Hz [the sound of many

Asian "temple bells"] that is known for inducing deep calm, and also thought

to assist in "cell rejuvenation". This is only made possible because of this entire

album being in the tuning of 444 Hz, and the 111 Hz is created inadvertently in

the lower tones as a result.  

Also, more musically-speaking...
With this special tuning, when the music is played in the key of A minor, as is

track 2, it seems to create the effect to "Uplift and Refresh" that is what 444 Hz

is known for.  And then when the music is played in the key of F, as is track 1, it

seems to create the effect of strengthening the immune system which is what

352 Hz is known for (since it's the frequency of the thymus gland, our body's

own immune "powerhouse"). And when the music is played in C, as is track 3,

it seems to create the effect to balance and restore the body and soul which is

what 528 Hz* is known for.)

(*It's also called "the love frequency" and is said to be helpful in restoring DNA,

but we don't usually even mention that. We like to just let you know that the

music may have the effect to balance and restore, and then just let you see

what you may feel.  We tend to go low on any "hype", and high on just enjoying

what we've created and inviting you to do the same, and let you decide what

works for you.  If it's the "real deal", it should "speak" for itself, and make a

noticeable difference for you. That's what we're counting on as we continue

to create these sound blends that sound and feel right for us, and are hoping

feel just as "right" for you! Thanks for staying "tuned" with us! )

As always, we make no claims, but we do certainly enjoy continuing our extensive research and exploration of the most soothing and energizing frequencies, tones and vibrations... and finding the very blessed blends between them...and then sharing our favorite ones with you.  We do hope
you find these tone blends to be some of the most soothing and uplifting ones you've ever heard.  More and more listeners seems to be responding that they think so, and are enjoying them immensely.  Maybe that's why we keep creating these.  Not only because we do so enjoy these tones and the way each blend comes together freshly in each moment, but also knowing that you can "feel the lift" from them as well.  That is what inspires us most to keep creating. We're in this together. Without meaningful, heartfelt and encouraging responses and support, we likely wouldn't keep doing this very long. But with your help...from encouragement and show of support through purchases... we hope to keep doing this for a lot longer. 

(Even after decades of exploring brainwave-related frequencies, and "sound healing" in countless forms... and our more recent in-depth explorations (over 6 years now) of intricate frequency blends and playing music "in special keyz"... We hope we're just getting warmed up, and will have the privilege of sharing our "way-good vibes" sounds and music with the world.  Each purchase from you here makes this much more possible. Thank you "more than words" for your enthusiastic support! We hope that each album you listen to only increases your reasons to encourage us to keep it up...because of all of "the lift" you feel!)


Just released!
AUG. 2, 2020

Nourish ALL 3 of your eyes... 
you rest!