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    We hope to feature a regular rotation of  "SOUND
    ENERGY RENEWAL" audios here...(with many more
    in our store) that will be everything from...simple 
   "tones alone" audios (mostly single tones to 3-way                blends and special frequency "grids").   

     Also, for some of the above that are most ideally                 blended with soothing, energizing music...
     They will be infused with synergistic blends  of music         and tones, and in some cases,  created in the actual
     "keys" of those tones.

     Be aware too that more and more of  the "vocal                   music" on this site is being put into some of those               special "keys"... FIVE tracks on the just-finished,
    new "LOVE WINGS" Album have been recorded in
    actual "keys" of the various energy centers (or                      "chakras") of the body. (Feel free to check out the
    AUDIO SAMPLE PLAYERS at the bottom of the
   feel for what those tracks are like.)

    (For example, the song, "Love is What Gives Wings"
     is in 341 Hz which is "the key of the heart", both 
     physically, and in the more energetic and spiritual

   Annnnnd... all of these will now be available as INSTANT     (MP3) downloads! (And later, some will be available as physical CD's as well...)

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Based on the frequency that I
was first nudged to explore in
This 444 Hz Three-Way blend is
one of the most potent and popular blends
that is the basis for this series...that begins
with this "Joy-fully
 Balanced in Love and
Wholeness" one that's
 he essence of every
blend in this series!

Centering on Solar Plexus (navel area
or 3rd Chakra "core" energy), This series
of frequency blends has everything from "HEART HUGS" to "BODY FLOW, BLOOM & FLOWER"...NINE titles so far in all...with
   this powerful "TONES ALONE" series.

   This is a "stand alone" one-
tone recording that really is 
a uniquely uplifting high-range, high
frequency tone...that seems to have 
a surprisingly exhilarating effect for
those who are open to its quick lift
of body, mind and spirit. Those who
use it as a regular part of meditation
seem to report the greatest results
from this one--in a few short minutes!


Over Two Dozen Single, Duo and Three-Way 
"Tone Alone" Blends will be available right away...
with Many Soothing Music-Blended Audios...
Coming Soon!

Coming Very Instant Download MP3's!

 The audios in this series are just
the specially focused impact of the 
444 Hz itself...(instead of the 3-way
blend in the similarly named series)
with each audio blended with one
other frequency combined to provide
a possible boost for a certain area
or system of the body. THREE audios
in this series so far.

   The audios in this series are just
 the dual-tone blends consisting of
 the actual frequency of gold which
is known to have surprisingly protective
properties that may benefit especially
  vulnerable parts of the body.  There
  are FOUR blends in this series so far.

    Oh my!  A Slice of PI ?! What in the-?!
   Yes, it seems that some swear by this
   to have a "tonic" effect for body and
   mind.  And since this one also is
   combined with a frequency known to
   be a "comprehensive" body-tonic...and
  together they form a delta-binaural, this
  one may be helpful for creating a deeply-
   relaxing meditative or sleep experience.