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           A place to share  some of
        SteVen D. LightSpring's 
         books and other writings...

Including the SIX VOLUMES of "Poetic Bliss"...
      (To be re-published...As funds are provided...)

1. "Splashing Through My Heart"
2. "Forever Endeavor of Love"
3.  "Ripples of Reflection"
4. "Journey From Forever"
5. "Calling All Eagles!"
6. "Born for the Skies"
7. "Delight Beams"
   (Highlights from Vols. 1 ~ 4)
8. "Love's Calling"

        The definitive book on...
"The 7 Year Cycles of the Soul"

    (Planned for Next Year, 2019)

This is the only "hard copy" of
  the "Poetic Bliss" series still            available. We plan to make it 
        available here soon.


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